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Shauna Wilson Mora

Shauna has had a strong interest in building community and making communities safe. She was recruited at 15 to be the teen representative on the Board of the Chartier's Valley Mental Heath's Teen Hotline Program. She began that year to counsel teens and to work the Hotline. After college she worked at shelters for Abused Women and Children, and did counseling and community outreach at an urban Native American organization. As a young mother she was on the Board of Director's of Greenpeace Great Lakes, planning and executing various environmental campaigns.

With children in school Shauna became active in community organizing, as well as school related groups. She began attending workshops, meditation groups, self-help programs and trainings. Through extensive work on her own issues, Shauna was able to build workshops around conflict resolution, intimacy, leadership, denial, self-awareness, and responsibility. Her interest in promoting inspiring and thought provoking literature led her to produce and host Dialogue: Conversations with Authors, a television show aired in Chicago, Illinois from 1991-1997.

Shauna is currently the Manager of Facilitation Programs at the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center. She is a mediator for the City of Palo Alto, CA where she also serves on the Human Relations Commission. Shauna is the mother of an adult son and daughter and has a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Communications from Northwestern University.

Shauna continues to believe that we can each make a difference. We are each responsible for the life we are choosing to live, and even the world we are choosing to live in. As long as we blame others, as long as we turn over responsibility to another person, institution or government, we can not be free. As a society we have created a destructive environment. As an individual we can join with others to shift the patterns. The workshops in this series can be an opening for each of us to work toward something greater than ourselves. Perhaps even a chance at saving this Mother Planet.

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My mother was dead for five years before I knew that I loved her very much. - Lillian Hellman

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