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Woman: "It completely changed my outlook on men and my relationship with my father. It was very healing."


Man: "I experienced fully the joy of being myself and observing the impact of my joy on my relationships with others."


Woman: "I learned several incredibly valuable lessons that have greatly improved my ability to understand and nurture my partner and our relationship."

Man: "I attended a number of workshops this year. All were as intense as this one, but this one was by far the most enjoyable and illuminating."


Woman: "This has been the most powerful, magical, most challenging and delightful work I've ever done."


Man: "Provided me with the most growth and awareness for a short investment of time and money."


Woman: "I am liking myself better than ever before and doing much better with individuating myself from emotional upsets in my relationships."


Man: "It has moved me from mild depression to a more open and loving place with myself and the universe I create."


Woman: "I feel like I found myself again after being lost for two years. I went away with the largest capacity for love and loving that I have ever experienced. It has profoundly affected all my relationships."


Man: "I believe that if you are truly tired of the old and want changes to happen in your life, if you truly want to live and find passion in your life by letting go of the old , this work is a must. Do it now but only if you truly want change to occur."

This is CTA

Healing Our Wounds
Having Our Wholeness
Habits of Wellness
Hunting Our Wildness
Heart Opening Ways
Heritage of Wonder
HOW Institute Seminars
The Experience
Healing the Father Wound®
Healing the Mother Wound®

Healing Our Wounds

When searching for a name to encompass the series of seminars we offer, we looked to our signature workshops Healing the Father Wound and Healing the Mother Wound. What about Healing Our Wounds workshops? Indeed, without healing, wounds fester. In the words of Christiane Northrup, M.D. – “Healing can occur in the present only when we allow ourselves to feel, express, and release emotions from the past that we have suppressed or tried to forget.” In the HTFW and HTMW workshops participants learn how to find, excise, clean out, and repair old hurts. We know the workshops are successful and effective and the name for each workshop is appropriate, and yet there was some reluctance to have the seminars linked to wounds. Being mindful of the theory of “woundology” formulated by Caroline Myss, we did not want to give the impression that we were encouraging connection and identification with wounds. We believe these workshops help people to release the embrace their history has on their psyche. Caroline also says that our biology is are biography. Why not reshape the effect our past has had on our physiology? Why not Heal Our Wounds?

Having Our Wholeness

Part of having our wholeness is accepting who we are, with all our attributes, experiences, history, dreams and fears. Many of us try and deny parts of ourselves. These denied parts can surface unexpectedly, reminding us that we are more than the façade we project -- more than masks we hold up to the world. These hidden, stuffed and denied parts have come to be known as our Shadow. Psychoanalysis Carl Jung first used the term Shadow to describe the qualities we try to hide. Our Shadow can be a potent teacher. The trainings, workshops, and seminars offered by How Workshops explore the power we give to our Shadow.

Habits Of Wellness

We have all learned habits that have ultimately not served us. What may have worked in the past to help us survive in difficult situations, may now actually keep us trapped in dysfunctional behavior. When we identify these self-sabotaging habits we can transform the pattern. It took us years to become expert self-saboteurs. It has been said that it takes only 21 days to change a habit. In How Workshops seminars, participants will be given tools to access their self defeating patterns. They will also learn techniques, and exercises that will help shift these patterns into habits that support and facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Hunting Our Wildness

Within each of us is a little wildness, a spark of spontaneous chaos. Sometimes this wild part can come out unexpectedly, and with disastrous consequences. We can be triggered and act out. We can be enraged and unleash a torrent of energy far exceeding the actual slight or perceived violation. Or we can let down our guard, and open up to our passion and find that we feel remarkably alive. We need our wildness. It activates the desire that brings vitality to our life. It is the juice that stimulates our senses.

Wildness can protect us, challenge us, frighten us, and delight us. We need to track down this wildness, bring it to the surface, look at it, play with it. Wildness can be enjoyed when we know its dimensions. And as we stretch the limits of our containment, we will expand our awareness of wildness and of freedom. In the HOW workshops series we dive into this mystery.

Heart Opening Ways

Part of learning to survive in the world is learning how to protect ourselves from pain, hurt, and rejection. We do need protection from real threats. Unfortunately, many of us build walls around ourselves effectively shutting out contact that is far from a threat. In the process we close ourselves off to true intimacy. Eventually the pain of settling for safe, secure and predictable interactions exceeds the pain of potential rejection or abandonment. We often forget that when we risk opening up to another, we stretch the capacity of our compassion. Each time we survive a loss, or hurt, and choose to open again, we validate ourselves as lovable. In the HOW workshop series we practice heart opening ways to loving ourselves and of loving others.

Heritage of Wonder

We came into this world full of wonder. We were innocent, open, excited, playful, creative, loving beings. Scientists have discovered that, as infants, we assimilate and learn information faster than any other time in our life. We are like sponges – soaking up all the data around us. For many of us, this state of delightful wonder is short-circuited. We discover that the world is not a safe place and that we must move our awareness into self-protection. We may even find that the thrill is gone. Some of us become numb, depressed, or angry. Some find that they need increasingly outrageous activities to stimulate their sense of the miraculous. We always have within us our legacy of wonder and amazement. We need only coax it back. In the How Workshops seminars, we visit this place of playful, creative amazement. We encourage a return to our heritage of wonder.

We offer a number of Experiences to address these topics.

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Are you willing to be sponged out, erased, cancelled, made nothing? Are you willing to be made nothing, dipped into oblivion? If not, you will never really change. - D. H. Lawrence

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