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Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air Between Women & Men, developed by Gordon Clay in 1991 and first held as Family Reunion in 1992, brings 6 men and 6 women together for six days and five nights to explore and work through their issues with the other sex. This workshop was not designed for couples and was last held in 2011, it's 19th year.

For those that have reached this page, it means that you have experienced either Healing the Father Wound®, Healing the Mother Wound®, or ideally both. So, you already know some of the technology (music, movement, breath work, emotional release through Tantrum Yoga®, and experiential exercises to open areas that may have been locked for a lifetime.) By clearing out much of your stuff with mom and dad, or at least knowing some of your negative traits that you received from your father and mother and still carry, we are then able to face the other sex and clear out everything that you are still holding onto about the other sex. All of the abuse, betrayal, anger, violence, etc. to get to a natural, inherent place of trust, safety, non-sexual intimacy, and for many, unconditional love. The goal was to achieve deep, authentic, openhearted, non-sexual intimacy.

As a society and community, if we are to survive and thrive we must stop wounding and hurting each other. We must find those places where we don’t trust each other and move through the old ways and open up to new, healthy, supportive, encouraging, trusting, loving relationships with ourselves and with each other.

People's beliefs about love and intimacy all too often prevent us from fully expressing and receiving love. Changing our beliefs, however, comes not from spoken messages, but from personal and social experience lived. This workshop presented opportunities to experience new ways of perceiving, communicating, and being that promote deep, authentic, openhearted, non-sexual intimacy.

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All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without benefit of experience. - Henry Miller

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