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Gordon Clay

Gordon has over 35 years of experience as a facilitator in a group setting for Men, Women, Women & Men, and Fathers & Teen-age Daughters. Through this it has become apparent that the Father Wound affects us all, yet in different ways. He created and facilitated the Healing the Father Wound® process from 1985-2010, Clearing the Air between Women & Men process from 1992-2011, developed Tantrum Yoga® and specializes in appropriate emotional release. His experience comes from transformational breathwork, mind and body integration, and the observation of peoples' transformation using these processes. MORE


Shauna Wilson Mora

Shauna has been a group leader for over 20 years. She has worked extensively with environmental, and community organizations coordinating campaigns, managing projects and guiding groups to their goals. Her belief that we can each make a difference led her to work with organizations and institutions that value education, health, diversity, equality, and creativity. She discovered that the mission of the organization was sometimes detoured by the personal struggles of individuals. Through extensive research in workshops, trainings, courses and study with a variety of teachers, Shauna has designed a series of seminars to address some of the struggles she witnessed.

In addition to leading CTA seminars and workshops, Shauna was a certified Facilitator for Woman Within and has facilitated Woman Within weekends on the East Coast, Canada, Midwest, and California as well as mentored women learning how to be facilitators. She led Empowerment Circles for Woman Within from 1994 to1998 and has trained women to be Empowerment Circle leaders. Shauna is the Manager of Facilitation Programs at the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center. She is a mediator for the City of Palo Alto, CA where she also serves on the Human Relations Commission. Shauna is the mother of an adult son and daughter and has a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Communications from Northwestern University. MORE

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Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you opened. Anonymous

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